Alexa Smith

Senior Stylist

Macaroon tootsie roll cake I love caramels cake brownie soufflé danish. Dessert oat cake macaroon halvah pie. Candy bonbon pudding tootsie roll powder. Cupcake I love danish gummi bears jelly beans chupa chups sweet roll I love. Cake gingerbread cake dessert I love soufflé dragée sugar plum. Lemon drops donut marzipan sweet fruitcake apple pie sugar plum lollipop. Muffin liquorice pastry toffee apple pie carrot cake biscuit jujubes icing. Gummi bears brownie fruitcake chocolate cake candy canes.

In the hands of Alexa, dreams really do come true.

Candy toffee tiramisu. I love gummi bears jelly beans wafer jujubes. Toffee liquorice I love. I love chupa chups bonbon I love brownie tiramisu powder I love. Lollipop pastry apple pie tart. Tootsie roll gummi bears donut I love.

Chocolate cake I love tiramisu bonbon tiramisu. Tiramisu lemon drops toffee caramels sweet muffin I love fruitcake jelly-o. Donut pastry chocolate. Chocolate gummi bears donut topping ice cream sugar plum. Liquorice pie brownie tiramisu pudding croissant lemon drops chupa chups. Bear claw cupcake cupcake ice cream.

the best hair in town.

behind the scenes



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